History of Ibadan part 48: The reign of Baale Olosun, Also known as Baale Anidelowo

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History of Ibadan part 48: The reign of Baale Olosun, Also known as Baale Anidelowo

After the death of Baale Fijabi, the chieftains just like their usual habits want Balogun Akintola to become the Baale because if we take note from the beginning, no political chiefs in the Baale line (Otun Baale, Osi Baale, etc) except the chiefs under Balogun. Even though no Balogun has become a Baale in Ibadan and the reason is simply death, they usually die before the time they are supposed to be on the throne as Baale therefore the chiefs behind them usually become the Baale.

Balogun Oderinlo could have become the Baale, but he insisted he wont until he return from war, he died immediately he returned, the same happened to Balogun Akere who didnt return from war, for Orowusi his Asipa became the Baale after his death.

The same thing when Akintola Balogun was asked to come and become the Baale, he refused and said he wanted the old people (which most of them are the political chiefs i.e Otun Bale, Osi Baale and co) to be occupying the position forgetting that the sometimes the old might light live while the young would die. A lot of people thought it was because he wanted to be going to wars and the desire to go to war is still in his mind, also the Position of Balogun is bigger than that of Baale during war times. Therefore he gave the Baale position to Osuntoki who was the Otun Baale, and Osuntoki became the first Otun Baale to become a Baale in Ibadan.

Here is the list of the the chiefs who ruled Ibadan with Baale Osuntoki

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