Why Fayose and seyi Makinde’s fight cannot be resolved

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Why Fayose and Seyi Makinde’s fight cannot be resolved

There have been several reasons for this feud between Seyi Makinde and Fayose.

Let me throw a little light into the fight which will give more clarity on Fayose’s motivation for this fight is beyond what anyone could think of

Fayose started by disrupting Seyi Makinde’s actions and conducts in giving the best leadership he can give the party (PDP) in southwest Nigeria. Fayose has said in a video severally that he wouldn’t let anyone disrespect Bola Tinubu because he is a Yoruba leader and number one presently in southwest Nigeria. Contrary to Fayose’s claim, Seyi Makinde has never been in any way rude to Bola Tinubu except for when he was wooed to come and join APC after he became the governor. THE VIDEO IS BELOW

APC chieftains have been pushing for Seyi Makinde’s impeachment too and they have been assuring the public that they have set two traps for him and he can’t escape the two, Teslim Folarin (a serving Apc senator from Oyo state said this), Adebayo Akala also assure the people of Oyo state that APC will be in power before the end of the four years tenure of Seyi Makinde’s administration, one of the  suspected reason for the Fayose’s attack, terrorism, and criminality in Oyo state

After the former governor of Ekiti state has done all he could to Makinde’s head to Bourdillon and most people have seen him and concluded that he was working for APC and they paid no attention or hold any regard for anything coming out of Peter’s mouth.

A few months ago, Ayo Fayose changed his strategy and started alledging Seyi Makinde to have been claiming to be his (Fayose’s) leader which never happened, Seun Okin of channels TV asked Fayose the reason for his fight with Seyi Makinde but he wasn’t able to state anyway, day or situation where Seyi Makinde has claimed to be ahead of Fayose as a leader in the party, directly or indirectly..

After all the shenanigans in the SW part of the PDP, Uche Secondus and other party officials have appointed the former Senate president Bukola Saraki to weigh in the feud and make sure both parties buried their hatchets. The fact of the matter is that Bukola trying to settle that fight knew it’s going to be a fruitless effort but he just has to do his job as appointed by the party and the high esteem the party is holding him. So that you can understand this better, let me throw you back to the game of Ali Modu sheriff which Fayose played in PDP at the national level while Oshokomole was the governor.

Ali Modu Sheriff a former governor of Borno state became the chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP through Governor Ayodele Fayose’s support in 2016, one of the atrocities sheriffs committed in PDP was getting supports and funds from APC Godfathers to fund weaker candidates in PDP primary elections or rigging PDP primary elections for the candidates with very low popularity so that such weak and unpopular candidate will grasp on to the ticket and be easy to be defeated for APC in the main election (usually governorship by-elections). Many PDP members were against the chairmanship of Ali Modu sheriff while he was contesting because of his role in the Borno state insecurity affairs that brought a lot of criticism on Goodluck Jonathan’s Administration and paved the way for APC and Buhari’s Presidency but Fayose dominated the selection affairs and got the sheriff’s chairmanship he wanted. 

Fayose was playing these games, party members could see what was going on but couldn’t confront him because he is one of the few surviving PDP governors and the Only governor in the southwest during his term, so the power was so much. Wike is Fayose’s friend and when he got fed up, he stood up to the misconducts and called the sheriff out. Fayose knew the game is up and he dramatically led others in the removal process of Ali Modu Sheriff so as to cover the trail of his anti-party activities. 

This has shown Fayose has always been an ally of APC and Tinubu who desperately want to seize the leadership of SW without him ever coming out as a Yoruba leader and also take Oyo state from Seyi Makinde, Fayose is also a man who love the attention of the media and always want to be in the news. These are the two reasons why Fayose and been unnecessarily warring with his fellow SW PDP chieftain and the public and the people of Oyo state need to shun all forms of tantrums and misinformation from Ayodele Fayose. 


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