The FGN’s Agenda on #Endsars Mr Macaroni’s Arrest, and why they lifted ban on Protesters Bank Account,

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I will split all this into three for easier understanding

The FGN’s Agenda on #Endsars,why they lifted ban on Protesters Bank Account, Lekki Toll Gate Protest, Mr. Macaroni’s Arrest

1. Segalink

Number one thing I want you all to know is that Sega link is never on Twitter or anywhere to curb police brutality, he is a machinery of the FG planted in Lagos and on social media to suppress the voice of the people clamoring for an end to police brutality

How is he doing this, by making sure all stories that can praise the effort of FG in combating police brutality is amplified and the ones that will expose the incompetence of the Government is squashed before it gets to the limelight.

let me drop my personal experience and I want you to know that after the incident I still support Sega a lot until after several other incidents that happened to other people that made me realize he is not what people think he is no personal issues with him, just saying things as it is

I have reported a case of a military neighbor who was harassing me with his Rottweiler to a police station but police were siding him because he was using some esprit de corps Lamba, I reported this issue on Twitter and Sega shunned it, some soldiers on Twitter helped me out with the case and referred me to his base in Ibadan and the little steps scared him off even though it couldn’t change much things, 3 months after, the guy eventually turned out to be a Fake Soldier, and at the same time a fake bank alert scammer and rapist of secondary school girls (you can Google Ayobami Onigbinde)after SARS officials came to bust him, everything in his apartment, including the Dog he was using to harass everyone in the compound, I was the only one who couldn’t take it

Segalink as well would not dip hands into any police brutality case unless it is almost a solved case, what do I mean by these? the case must have gained so much attention and reaction from people, and big influencers must have engaged it.

why is this strategy launched, every politically aware person know that there is Rivalry in APC between the Buhari faction and the Tinubu faction, #endsars has been around for almost a decade and Buhari’s side realized it will be one of the ways Tinubu will use to dehumanize his administration and plant northerners interest in the mind of Southerners. Police were killing people innocently in this country I know, but I want you to know that the September/October 2020 #endsars protest was a good move from Nigerian youths, but the sponsors are bad people who want to use the good cause to fight their enemies, if they have been able to achieve what they wanted (national crisis or impeachment of Buhari), the common Nigerian youths will be dumped, they have served the purpose they needed them for, police brutality will start again. in this country, the only solution to hardship on common Nigerians are fights between the elites, when they fight, that’s when common Nigerians benefit, Buhari might never think of all the MSME loans, survival funds and grants shared in the country, they are meant to calm the people’s pressure, sorry I diverted off segalink’s case but just to throw more light on that

2. Why Government Unfreezed #endsars protesters account:

The Panel set up is to majorly to cripple the #endsars movement after Government has attended or think it has attended to the major clamoring of the #endsars protest which is fulfilling the 5 point agenda. Knowing that politicians are behind this movement, they need to crush those protesters totally. they mixed the members of the panel with their own people and bought some of the youth representatives, they are the spies for them

So while they conclude that the Lekki massacre never happened and they know it will lead to more protest, the real #endsars protesters were already cautious of going out and even wanted to cancel the Saturday morning protest but the spies geared them on so that those spies will stay at home while the real frontiers go and protest and get arrested, the plan is not to hold them totally but to cripple them like sowore (seize international passport, house arrest, restriction to a state, the unnecessary arrest upon arrests, so that their movement will be rendered useless), since they have infiltrated them, they feel safe with them as a toothless Dogs, so they released their accounts to avoid unnecessary noise, (You know na small wisdom old person dey take to run for cow)

3. Dipo and Co’s trap

People like Dipo Awojide were pushed forward by the federal government to calm people down on Twitter so they can come to compromise with the government, coordinated the Zoom meeting that hosted Dangote, Elumelu,(Buhari boys) with fkabudu and Co so that panel set up can be easy, this same was the one cheering people up for the Saturday 13th February protest, saying he is with the #endsars protesters but never with revolution now, hahaha, you know why? because #revolution now people haven’t been infiltrated with spies, #endsars movement have been killed, the protest was like the nailing. Now you see why they feel so safe to release the bank accounts of these guys…..

there is more I will still reveal, but I don’t want to postpone it any more, you can press the subscribe button at the left-hand corner of the screen to get notified whenever  I am busting myths and propaganda of the political class, that’s what I do

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