History of Ibadan Part 16 : Wars during Oluyole's reign (The first Ijaye War with Kurunmi)

The Return of Ajayi Osungbekun to Ibadan

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45: The Return of Ajayi Osungbekun to Ibadan: History of Ibadan part 45

The chiefs started conspiring against Ajayi ever since they left Ikirun and he didn’t know about it. On the day they entered Ibadan, people didn’t come out to welcome, greet and embrace him like he uses to, they were insulting instead and they were cursing him directly because of my homes that have been destroyed and a lot of indigenes that have been captured and sold as slaves. The market women at Oje market were already armed with stones to stone him whenever he is passing by, but the information got to him and he took another direction, that was when he started realizing that there was a conspiracy against him.

The second thing that made him suspicious of plans against him was that immediately after he and his chiefs have followed Aare’s corpse to the burial ground, none of the chiefs accompanied him to his house as they use to and suppose to and they stopped going to his house since then till he died. After Governor eater (colonial governor) went back to Lagos, the chiefs gathered and sent him to leave the town or commit suicide, they gave him a date they were going to go and destroy, loot his house and kill him.

When his family members heard about this and they realized he doesn’t care nor was he moved, they got scared and they decided to kill him before the chiefs come and destroy their house and everything about their home. His family members shot him, he didn’t die, they looked for every way to kill but it all proved abortive, as the date given for the destruction of his house and family approaches, his family members stood up to him and beat him to death with clubs. and since then they started calling him Balogun oni ponpo which means Balogun of clubs.

That was how Osungbekun died and he was the last of the violent chiefs or unruly warriors who ruled Ibadan. That is the end of the History of Ibadan during the war Era

Next, we will be discussing is about the leadership of Ibadan under the British colonial government

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