History of Ibadan Part 16 : Wars during Oluyole's reign (The first Ijaye War with Kurunmi)

HISTORY OF IBADAN PART 39: Kiriji war or Ekiti Parapo War

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HISTORY OF IBADAN PART 39: Kiriji war or Ekiti Parapo War

Balogun Ogboriefon is yet to die when his predictions started coming to pass, (Ageku ejo bere sini soro bi agbon). Ijesha and Ekiti Came together to fight against Ibadan, Ilorin recovered from their defeat and joined them, Egba and Ijebu never stopped fighting, trouble started looming and the odds were so much against Ibadan, Balogun Ogboriefon has died, all other true and great warriors have died too

When the Aare saw this, he started appointing his chiefs one after the other to go and face the war, this was the war big enough that if the whole Ibadan Army and chiefs were mobilized there, hardly could they come out victorious, sending the chiefs there one after the other he should have known that they are going to perish. some people said the reason why he was doing this is a systematic way of eliminating the powerful ones among his chiefs so that his children will have more chance in the leadership affairs of Ibadan, no one knows. After all of the chiefs has been sent to war and they couldn’t win, as well their disunity was one f the reasons why they couldn’t win the war, they sent a message to Latoosa that they can’t fight the war alone and ask him to send his son Sanusi to come and help them, Aare said ” Sanusi or what have you said? they are simply asking me to appear at the war front, on the 13th of April 1880, Aare left Ibadan to go and meet them, on the second day he got there he fought so well that he could have won but other Ibadan chiefs betrayed him and secretly executed his downfall plans so much that Aare fought for about 3 years but this hypocrisy and conspiracy didn’t let him win this fight, he eventually died in the war on the 11th of November 1885.

This loss wasnt because Ibadan people couldn’t fight but because of their disunity, they lost to their enemies because since Ibadan has never fought a war as tough as this since it was founded, conspiracy, jealousy and betrayal has been known to be something a lot of Ibadan leaders possesses, and the same hypocrisy brought calamities upon ibadan.

That was the end of Aare Latoosa, he was so wealthy and has so many slaves, his children enjoyed the influenced pf their father and abused the powers their father possesses by doing several unspeakable things like getting intimate with a woman in public, no time to be mentioning those thing sone after the other, they are so many.

Aare Latoosa died in this conspiracy he used his own jealousy, hatred and resentment of his heart to create

here are some of the major things that happened in the time of Aare Latoosa

1. During his time was the first time Egungun was celebrated twice in a year

2. Aare Latoosa’s house caught fire and burned on the 27th of March 1882

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