History of Ibadan Part 16 : Wars during Oluyole's reign (The first Ijaye War with Kurunmi)

HISTORY OF IBADAN PART 42: The Ayejenku Crisis

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HISTORY OF IBADAN PART 42: The Ayejenku crisis

This man called Ayejenku is from Ejù, he came to Ibadan on a war mission just like his colleagues. Ayejenku wasn’t so known until during the reign of Oluyole when he shined for the first time due to his role during the conspiracy against Lakanle, after this he became got hold of the Foko title during the reign of Aare Latoosa.

The first thing the elders said to have been the cause of enmity and conspiracy against him was because he didn’t want the people of Ibadan to fight Abeokuta anymore, due to this, they don’t like him and they started suspecting him to spying for their enemies (Abeokuta), due to this, they kept their grievances and watching out for his downfall.

Several days after this, Foko’s slaves entered Fijabi’s farm and took things there, the reason wasn’t understood. Fijabi got up and went to Aare’s house, he reported Foko to him and Aare didn’t say anything, he told him he has heard him. On the second day, Fijabi and Iyapo who was Ibikunle’s son (they are relatives) stood up and to and invade Foko’s farm.

This act angered and Infuriated Ayejenku so much and when he got to the gathering the second day, he started confronting and insulting the Aare that he was the one who sent Fijabi and Iyapo against him, he stormed out of the gathering and left for his house

After he has left, Aare faced other chiefs, he said “oh you people were the ones who told Ayejenku to come and be insulting me right?” , everyone of them denied being involved in such, saying they aren’t the one and they don’t know anything about what have just happened.

He then gave them an order that if truly you chiefs don’t know it, I want you guys to go and Destroy Ayejenku’s house, Ayejenku himself and all he has got. All the chiefs dispersed immediately and went home to get ready for the fight against Ayejenku. Ayejenku, his slaves, family and his neighbours prepared and waited for them but they all eventually ran away. Ayejenku initially ran and hide somewhere called “Ile Akuru”, but after a while he came back and killed himself, a lot of people said he shot himself in the head. This made them remember the curse of Lakanle that “you will die disgracefully like me”, Lakanle told Ayejenku.

Elders also said that before Ayejenku also died, he laid a curse on Iyapo that he will die the kind of death he died, this came to pass within a short period of time. That was how Ayejenku died but his son became the Otun Balogun

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