History of Ibadan Part 16 : Wars during Oluyole's reign (The first Ijaye War with Kurunmi)

History of Ibadan 43: The conspiracy against IYAPO (Balogun Ibikunle’s son)

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History of Ibadan 43: The conspiracy against IYAPO (Balogun Ibikunle’s son)

Iyapo was holding the title of Seriki and he is a son of Balogun Ibikunle, he is Balogun ibikunle’s third born. He replaced Oyewo after Oyewo’s death in the war at Ilesa

Iyapo was very wealthy, very brave, and can fight a lot just like his father, Yoruba said “eni bi ni laa jo”, which means we resemble who gave birth to us. Iyapo is known for his cleanliness and hatred for dirt too. Iyapo renovated Ayeye Arley during his reign and made it a clean area.

Really renovated and rebuilt all his father’s dilapidated houses and also built more new ones, with good corridors and pillars to beautify them, these pillars were so beautiful such that people started singing about it that: Opo ile Iyapo Erebe, this means ” the pillars of Iyapo’s house, Outrageous. It is also used to describe something of High quality

One of the things Iyapo will be remembered for was his role in the Eletu war when the Ibadan warriors ran out of Gunpowder and no more gunpowder was found in the whole of Ibadan, he went to Ajase and while returning, he chased the Egba away and returned home safely.

Not long after this, Conspiracy happened against him, and here is the cause of the conspiracy. At that time, All the chiefs were conspiring against Aare because he didn’t allow them to go to war, he ruled that they will only be waging wars at three years interval, but at the beginning, only Iyapo didn’t join them in this conspiracy, they invited him and seemed for his support but he refused to join them. Eventually, they tricked him into joining them and he gave them the condition that they must stick to fight to the end because if he could join them, he wouldn’t quit and if they are going to eventually resolve the problem with Aare, they shouldn’t involve him, other chiefs promised him they will stick to the fight to the end.

They agreed at this gathering, took an oath, and dispersed, immediately after that some of them has gone to the Aare to relate everything discussed to him, they made Aare know that Iyapo who was his loyalist is part of this conspiracy.

When other chiefs started realizing the secret has been leaked to the Aare, they all started proving innocence to Aare, making peace and building bridges with him except Iyapo, other chiefs encouraged him to pay obeisance and allegiance to the Aare but he refused. A

On a day of the gathering, Iyapo arrived in their midst, prostrated for the Aare but he didn’t respond, he greeted other chiefs and none of them responded to him. At the same spot, he stormed out and climbed his horse, he rode to his home. When he got home, he asked his slaves and people to start digging his grave, after the digging he slept in them to confirm they fit his size, after this, he entered his house, poisoned himself, and died the same day they conspired against him, the Aare, other chiefs, and people are so surprised with his action because they thought he would result into fighting and violence because he is capable of doing so. Foko(Ayejenku) and Iyapo’s death are so close by time range..


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