History of Ibadan Part 16 : Wars during Oluyole's reign (The first Ijaye War with Kurunmi)

History of Ibadan part 33: The reign of Balogun Akere

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History of Ibadan part 33: The reign of Balogun Akere

After the death of Ogunmola, the whole town came together to agree that Akere should become the Baale, but he refused saying he wanted to declare war on Ilesa and until he returns from the war that he going to ascend the Baale throne.

Most of the chiefs didn’t want to follow him to this war except Oyewo, Ibikunle’s son. Without caring about the Opinion of other chiefs, he worshipped Oranyan on the 20th of December 1967, he and Oyewo went to sleep outside the town on their way to Ilesha. Other chiefs didn’t go and join Akere until the 23rd of December involuntarily.

When they all got to war, they refused to fight and left all the fightings for Akere and Oyewio alone but their dormancy or inactivity made no impact because Akere and Oyewo alone are more fierce in war than all of the idle chiefs. When they realized these two men are going to win the war and they might not find things easy when they get home, they settled fight with Akere but they still have their grudges toward him. They fought with all their strength afterward such that they passed a location called Afara Jegede known as Jegede bridge and headed to feje boju, the Ijesha (Ilesha people) surrendered at Feje Boju. They gave the Ibadan people Irinwo oke (a certain amount of money which was equal to One hundred British pounds. They stopped fighting at the moment but the Ibadan people didn’t return home. During this short-term peace was when the aggrieved chiefs who arent happy with Akere gathered one night and conspired on how to bring Balogun Akere down.

In this gathering, Ajobo Seriki responded and said, ”I know ye Ibadan people, you are unreliable, if i make a move now, you are going to let me suffer it alone because I have a belt-Charm (Bante), if I have it on and prostrate to an Iroko tree, the tree would die before the next day, so if you are going to support me, i will use it for him and he will surely die within three days”.

The rest of the chiefs gave him a go ahead and pledged for him their support. Seriki Ajobo did as he said and it happened the way he has said, Akere died on the third day. Oyewo his friend died as well and it was believed that they died of the same cause.

After the death of Akere, the rest of the chiefs gathered to decide on what to do about the unfinished war, some of them suggested they should return home but others said if they return home, the Ijesha people might want to wage war because they would think the Balogun has died, they decided to continue fighting the Ijesha people. On the second day after the meeting, they sent a message to the Ilesha chiefs that ”your friend Balogun who made peace with you is dead, so we are looking forward to where you want to run to for you are doomed”.

They started the fight again and it was dreadful this time around that it took them longer to defeat the Ilesha again. They defeated Ilesha on the 4th of June 1870 and got back into Ibadan on the 10th of July 1870 after 3 years of being away.

During the war they have made Orowusi their leader after the death of Akere, when they got home, they made him the Baale after paying obeisance to Akere’s body.

That was how Akere died on the 15th of February 1869.

The story of Oyewo (Areago) The so of Ibikunle.,

The story of Akere cant is completed without making mention of Oyewo because he is a great warrior and a hero just like his father. He is Brave, Courageous and he is not afraid of anything. Even though he is younger than the chiefs of his time but they are all afraid of him.

Historians described him a lot with what he did during the war against Ilesha at a place called Afajegede. There are three defense walls and moats that surround Ilesha, and they are one of the deepest in Yoruba Land, this is to keep the enemies away and giving them extra work, and make it impossible for them to Attack.

These moats are about 3 hours walk far from each other and it was able to stop all the Ibadan battalions from gaining entry to Ilesha. this was where Oyewo and his people did a; lot of work and in a day, they fill up these deep pits till horses can pass on it. Oyewo did several other little things that we cant finish describing




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