History of Ibadan Part 16 : Wars during Oluyole's reign (The first Ijaye War with Kurunmi)

History of Ibadan part 30: The reign of Balogun Ibikunle

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History of Ibadan part 30: The reign of Balogun Ibikunle

This story of Olugbode will be null and void without mentioning Balogun Ibikunle.

In those days, Balogun’s influence covers everywhere in the town just like that of the Baale or King (Kabiesi), at times his authority is more than that of the Baale( Village head or town head) in certain towns like Ibadan because the Balogun as the Army commander means so much to a War base of the whole Yoruba land where most of the people are warriors or warrior descendants.

All the wars fought during the time of Baale Olugbode, Ibikunle fought them all and there is no war he goes to that he doesn’t win, Ibikinle never lost a war. If Ibikunle hasn’t taken part in the Kunrunmi war/ Ijaiye war, the people of Ijaiye would have defeated Ibadan. Ibikunle was the one who made Ibadan a scary town, better said, he and Ogunmola who was second to him in command.

Ibikunle was brave and powerful, he could face all kind of troubles, he was scary and intimidating to his enemies. I am not sure if there has been any chief in Ibadan that have as many children like him

During Ibikunle’s reign, Ibadan started having more towns under their control and he was the Balogun that brought the control of these towns and villages under Ibadan. Historians had it that when he was going to Ara war and the Timi the king of Ede heard he was i his territory, he sent messages to him that he shouldn’t pass the through his town and his soldiers shouldn’t get close to the middle of his village, Ogunmola who was next to Ibikunle in command was angry and was ready to engage them to war, but Ibikunle asked him to calm down that there is a better approach. They decided not to enter the town just as Timi has instructed but they sealed all boundaries of the town with Ibadan soldiers and some other high chiefs and they sat there for 14 days. they maintained a curfew of no movement in and outside of Ede, only inside the town can people roam around.

These 14 days were like 14 years for Timi Agbale ad his people, the Ibadan warriors have finished all their farm proceeds when Timi couldn’t take it anymore, he sent a gift of two baskets of beads to him to seek for forgiveness which took lit of persistent begging and apologies before they let them be.

There are several things Ibikunle did that made Ibadan look scary to other towns, therefore the History of Ibadan cannot be complete without talking about all Balogun Ibokunle did for Ibadan

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  1. Is there any similarities between bashorun and Balogun… Was ibikunle A bashorun or balogun

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