History of Ibadan Part 16 : Wars during Oluyole's reign (The first Ijaye War with Kurunmi)

History of Ibadan part 29: Wars fought in the time of Baale Olugbode

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History of Ibadan part 29: Wars fought in the time of Baale Olugbode

Truly, there was no conspiracy nor crisis during the time of Baale Olugbode but Ibadan went to a lot of wars :

Here are names of notable wars that were fought during the time of Baale Olugbode:

Ogun Ara

Ogun Koro and Ijero

Ogun Efon

Ogun Yapa

Ogun Ijaye (1859 – 1862)

Ogun Kutuje (1862 – 1864)

A lot of elderly historians said, as the Ibadan warriors were coming from Ijaye War, they went straight to the Kutuje war. The fact was established that they entered the war with full force so as to catch up with the people of Egba and Abeokuta who were absconding, including the Ijebus as well. Not long after they left for the Kutuje war, Baale Olugbode died.

The experience of the Kutuje War was so awful for the people of Ibadan. A lot of their great men and warriors were killed and a big number of them as well were caught as slaves. It was in this war that Balogun Ibikunle survived an injury of which the wound led to his death. This injury was inflicted on him by the enemies, some of the historians said he was mistakenly hit by cutlass when one of his boys were trying to behead a dog as a sacrifice to Ogun deity. The cutlass hacked him on his things and it soon led to his death

When this war got worse, Alaafin Adelu sent emissaries to them to make peace and put the war to an end.

It was in this same Kutuje War that Seriki Odunjo died, on the night they were returning from this war was the day Balogun Ibikunle died in his house, Osundina the father of Apanpa died in Ijaye war as well.

When they get home, they didn’t meet Baale, Balogun is gone, Otun Baale and other chiefs behind him in the hierarchy have no much say, during this time, only Balogun and his chiefs have a say. Therefore Ogunmola remained the only one who can head and lead the town from 1865 but he didn’t become Basorun till 1866.

That was how Baale Olugbode died, his time was pleasant for Ibadan and he is one of the Bale in Ibadan who died honorably without any form of disgrace.

It was during the time of Baale Olugbode that true and serious campaign and initiation of Christianity came to Ibadan and he gave the missionaries room and chance to do all they want to do. He accepted them.

Baale Olugbode died in the yer 1864 AD


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