History of Ibadan Part 16 : Wars during Oluyole's reign (The first Ijaye War with Kurunmi)

History of Ibadan part 27: Lajubu and Akinluyi’s Crisis

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History of Ibadan 27: Lajubu and Akinluyi’s crisis

After the death of Elepo, The people of Ilorin waged war on Osogbo, Osogbo was one of the towns pledging allegiance to Ibadan, they sent for Oluyole to come ad help them.

This was when they miss Elepo and his absence was really felt because he is the best man for the job. Oluyole sent Oderinlo, Ogidi, Olubodun Lajubu, Akinluyi, and Akinlade to go and help the Psogbo people. these set of people defeated the Ilorin people the same day they arrived in Osogbo

After they have won and chased away the Ilorin Invaders and Fulani conquerors, They started talking to each other ”So we can also win wars and defeat enemies in battles without the involvement of Iba Oluyole? and whenever we get home, he would start disrespecting us, scolding everyone like a kid. The worst is the wicked and reckless act of his children causing havoc and disorderliness in the whole town and not even limiting it to their father’s house”.

They conspired against Oluyole on their way to Ibadan and agreed to turn their back at him. When they got to Ibadan, they didn’t return to the palace to give him the feedback/return of where he has sent them to. They took to the street and started mocking him with various songs, tarnishing his image and maligning his personality.

Iba use some of his tricks to draw some of them closer to him to be on his side, The issue eventually becomes a serious crisis and trouble looms in the outskirt of the town.

These chiefs almost defeated Iba but Oluyole was able to Capture Akinluyi who is the leader and the strongest of them. Lajubu who is next to him escaped to Ijaye where he later became more influential and powerful.

Lajubu was able to finish all the unfinished tasks Elepo couldn’t do for Kurunmi due to his untimely death. This is why Aare love his so much

When Oluyole hears this, he was getting jealous as usual and started looking for every way to pull him down and destroy him. Oluyole sent for Lajubu to come back to Ibadan but Lajubu didn’t know Oluyole was Only deceiving him and he relocated to Ibadan. within a few weeks or months, Oluyole looked for all means and finally killed him.

This was how Oluyole used gimmicks and strategy to kill all the chiefs that were antagonizing him. he became more comfortable, freer, and powerful to do whatever he wants. His tyrannical rule took a new level and the wickedness of his family with their terror they unleash all Tim,e on the town multiplied

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