How Ajimobi’s death Unleashed terror on Magu, Oshiomole, Tinubu, Osibanjo and others

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Adventure of Ibrahim Magu at EFCC Part 4: How Ajimobi’s death Unleashed terror on Magu, Oshiomole, Osibanjo, and others

After Oshiomole has appealed against his Suspension at the Abuja Court of Appeal, on the 16th of June, 2020, the court affirmed his suspension.

Tinubu fronted Ajimobi who was then the deputy national chairman (south) of APC knowing well that Ajimobi is Loyal to him, and as well Ajimobi commands trust and respect on both warring sides.

On the 16th of June 2020, Abiola Ajimbi was announced as the acting chairman of APC while he was on the sickbed. On the 18th of June, a Popular Nigerian investigative journalist known as Fisayo Soyombo Announced Ajimobi’s death of which APC and the whole mainstream media countered and denied the news to be true. Fisayo came on Twitter the second day 19th and tweeted ”The former Governor is  ………….”

On the 24th of June, President Muhammadu Buhari announced his support for Victor Giadom as Acting Chairman of his party All Progressive Congress after he was told from reliable sources that Ajimobi has given up the ghost and Tinubu was only trying to buy time to take the next step in circumventing the power of the party to himself, So since Asiwaju couldn’t come out plainly and boldly to front someone else, Buhari could sense that slowness and reluctance he, therefore took advantage of the situation. It has been a cold war, Tinubu was reluctant to make it exclusive, Buhari Pulled the trigger

On the 25th of June, Ajimobi was pronounced to have died from Corona Virus (COVID-19) but facts showed he actually died of multiple organs failure, this could happen as a result of covid too

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