How Ibrahim Magu ran EFCC under Tinubu's instructions

How Tinubu Tried to destroy Bukola Saraki with Magu and How Bukola Defended

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 How Tinubu Tried to destroy Bukola Saraki with Magu and How Bukola Defended; Adventures Of Ibrahim Magu at the EFCC Part 2

The National leader of the APC in the person of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has been doing his best Since the 2015 to 2019 administration kicked off to annihilate the n-PDP from power, the n-PDP is the breakaway factions of the PDP which houses Atiku Kwakwanso, Bukola Saraki, Dino Melaye, and others.

APC constituted by the amalgamation of the ACN led by Tinubu and Bisi Akande while Tinubu remained the alpha and omega of this ACN faction, the CPC faction led by Muhammad Buhari, and the n-PDP faction led by Bukola Saraki.

Information from several sources said It was agreed that Tinubu’s faction which is the ACN faction will be holding the party structure, the nPDP will control the legislature while CPC holds the presidency. Tinubu decided to betray this agreement first by trying to front Lawan and Gbajabiamila as speaker and senate president but Saraki and Dogara Outsmarted him.

Being the next leader in the party in the hierarchy because he has got a High number of loyalists in the legislative and also the decision-maker of the Party, he anointed Magu for the president to make him the Efcc chairman which the president Agreed and sent Magu’s name to the senate

Saraki’s defense

Tinubu used all these influences he has got in the party to guilt trip and pushed around into nominating Magu, this was the Magu whom the president didn’t want to nominate, so President Muhammadu Buhari joined hands with Saraki to break Magu halfway so that Tinubu doesn’t get to start using him to disturb every one of them

Just like they Predicted, Tinubu wanted all the power to himself, Buhari also wanted all the power to himself, Only Bukola Saraki and his group as at then haven’t made any move of power greed, because they aren’t many in numbers and their only strength and competing power are their friends and allies who remained in PDP whom they never had a problem with before they left the party but only with Goodluck Jonathan who was the president. The only thing Saraki & Co have got was that he and the rest of the people in his faction are all Political Heavyweights, but the numbers is necessary for everything in the senate and house of reps

Influenced by Buhari, Lawal Daura the then DSS director made friends with Bukola Saraki and as usual, Bukky converted him to a loyalist and that was why Osibanjo sacked this SSS boss when the president was out of the country on a health trip. Lawal Daura provided Dino Melaye with Dss men to safeguard him from the Harms of Yahaya Bello. All atrocities of Yahaya Bello toward Dino Melaye has been Influenced by Tinubu of which is one of the Attacks the sent Assassin named Arewa from Kogi state was arrested but later released on bail to the Kogi state Governor in short terms,

Bukola Saraki was able to be protecting himself with these Officers easily because of the stolen Loyalty of Lawal Daura. Even though He had the right to use them for his protection according to go the law without the friendship with the DSS boss but it might be very difficult with Tinubu’s Antagony.

Buhari and Saraki joined Hands on certain and made compromises on several things till Buhari started needing his second term and couldnt do it alone. He Aligned with Tinubu and eventually was able to have his second term and Tinubu’s powers start to wane, though Buhari couldn’t help Bukola Saraki, Dino Melaye, and others to win another term to the floor of the national assembly.

Now to Magu, after he was made acting chairman anyway by the president, he started tormenting Saraki and his associates with corruption charges left and right. From Magistrate to Supreme Court, Saraki was washed clean off all corruption charges and came out clean but not without a subtle and secret backing of Buhari. Buhari couldn’t come out plainly as at then to oppose anything Tinubu says because his second term would be at stake


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