How Ibrahim Magu ran EFCC under Tinubu's instructions

How Buhari Set the Trap for Tinubu and Magu All the way since 2016

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Adventure of Ibrahim Magu at EFCC Part 3: How Buhari Set the Trap for Tinubu and Magu All the way since 2016

As I have explained earlier after the senate has rejected the President’s Nomination, the first and second for reasons based on the DSS report alledging Magu of corruption and having his life expenses carried by a retired military officer that was currently tried for corruption, an investigation panel was set up in the DSS to assist the Attorney General of the federation, Abubakar Malami to investigate the allegations of corruption against Mr. Magu and other officials of his administration accused of corruption.

After having all the information needed to remove and prosecute Ibrahim Magu as the EFCC chairman, the president refused to take any action against him because of his second term bid and Tinubu’s support he needed

Tinubu continued stirring trouble waters against anyone who appears to be absolutely loyal to the presidents and outshining him in the party, this is one of the biggest sins in the world of Tinubu, Outshining him after the elections, he started witch-hunting Orji Uzor Kalu, A core Buhari’s Loyalist, Buhari got enough of Tinubu as well, now he has won his second term election and he started taking moved to send Bola into political exile and annihilation

Muhammad Buhari is currently stripping Tinubu off his political powers and he is not stopping soon, well maybe after stripping the power of Lagos State off him or getting him behind the Bars

Deposition of Magu and other Tinubu’s Loyalists

In one of the previous headlines, I have described how Buhari has cooked and tied Magu’s balls without him knowing, only left for him to start feasting on it since 2016

Buhari, ready for his fight influenced APC national executives and party officials to conspire against Oshiomole and they called for his suspension. Oshiomole apologized to the grieving party members to downplay their threats and wait till they are all relaxed before he sent them to the hell side of the party

While Oshiomole was making these moves of getting back at them and crush his enemies in the party, they could smell his foul play, favorable for Buhari, he backed them to empower and encourage his ward chairman at the grassroots level to suspend him which Mr. Oshawo actually did by accusing him of anti-party activities, he was suspended as a member of the party. Can you be the chairman of the party you are not a bonafide member of or suspended from?? No

Buhari scored another leading point

Before all these happened, Asiwaju knew something like this may happen due to all his actions in the party but doesn’t know when, he influenced Abiola Ajimobi while he was governor of Oyo state to make in-laws with Abdulahi Ganduje, the governor of Kano state. Ganduje unarguable is a Buhari Loyalist and arguably Buhari’s most trusted Nigerian governor as at then and by doing this, every Tinubu’s move won’t look like a counteraction to any Buhari’s wish even when most of them are

The marriage which took place on the 3rd of March 2018 saw the attendance of dignitaries throughout Nigeria all led by President Muhammad Buhari gave Tinubu more hope and a brace to the Buhari’s CPC faction, in this same 2018, Ajimobi was diagnosed with a fatal ailment which medical experts blatantly told him he is going to die soon


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