Ibrahim Magu and Tinubu dictating the affairs of the Efcc

How Tinubu Planted Ibrahim Magu As Efcc Chairman to Protect himself and Destroy his enemies

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How Tinubu Planted Ibrahim Magu As EFCC Chairman to Protect himself and Destroy his enemies (ADVENTURES OF MAGU PART 1)

Without Boring you with a lot of stories, Ibrahim Magu is a Nigerian Police Officer who served as acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC from 9th November 2015 until his suspension on the 7th of July 2020.


Ibrahim Mustapha Magu was appointed as the EFCC Chairman after Ibrahim Lamorde, Ibrahim Lamorde has earlier served twice as the EFCC chairman. The first time, he was appointed by President Umar Musa Yaradua as Chairman of the anti-graft agency between January 2008 to May 2008. Lamorde succeeded Nuhu Ribadu who was removed with the claim or excuse that he was to go for a training course abroad. After Lamorde was removed, Farida Waziri was appointed.


The reason why I went into the issue of Lamorde is to show that neither Yaradua nor Goodluck Jonathan has removed any chairman of the EFCC with any Legal Harassment of which the president Muhammad Buhari has done twice in the case of Lamorde and Magu because they are Loyalists of his political rivals, Jonathan and Tinubu respectively. Magu’s mess of which Buhari is digging out is a recipe for disaster on Tinubu and Bola Ahmed will be getting Political and legal attacks from several directions which he has already been getting courtesy of Buhari

This is not to say the president should have left corrupt people undisgraced or cover their shame, NO, but we all know that positions whose fate lies on the wish of the president change whenever the administration changes, that’s the political culture, so there is no need harassing someone just to boost your anticorruption and Mr. Integrity Image. Why allow people into power and allow them to steal until it’s time they are obstructing your self-interest, that’s when you bring out your anti-corruption sword.


Few months after the 2015 election that brought Buhari in as the first-ever to democratically contest, win, and take power from an incumbent Nigeria President/Ruling party democratically, President Muhammad Buhari fired Ibrahim Lamorde replacing him with Ibrahim Magu.

Lamorde sack was followed by petitions from EFCC staff. he was alleged of impunity and corruption. In the petition, they described his leadership of the commission as the one in which corruption and corrupt practices aren’t only tolerated but even celebrated. ”One is free to do whatever he wants to as long as he belongs to the clique. There is no reward for hard work and no punishment for wrongdoing.

The senate and presidency took up the case, an arrest warrant was issued, which Lamorde traveled out to escape. Lamorde came back to the country after sometimes and the case died down. he was appointed as commissioner of police special fraud unit Ikoyi Lagos.



Let me drop a hint which I will explain later here, The rejection of Magu was planned by the presidency and the senate leadership, Magu was anointed and nominated by tinubu for Buhari but B.


Ibrahim Mustapha Magu became the Acting Chairman of EFCC while pending the approval of his appointment by the legislators

The department of the state services has said the acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission Mr. Ibrahim Magu has failed Integrity test, warning that he will hinder President Muhammad Buhari’s anti-corruption war.

The senate had on Thursday rejected the nomination of Magu by Buhari as the chairman of EFCC. The senate cited ”security reports” as the reason for the rejection. The Senate asked the President to present someone else as the chairman of the anti-graft agency but the president decided to front Magu again for confirmation.

On the 15th of match 2017, Magu appeared before the Senate for his confirmation hearing where Senator Dino Melaye representing Kogi west senatorial district raised and read the SSS report dated March 14, 2017. In light of the foregoing, Magu has failed the integrity test and will eventually constitute a liability to the anti-corruption stand of the current government. the DSS report read by Mr. Melaye stated


Three senators told premium times in separate interviews that two reports were dated October 3 2016 with one addressed to the clerk of the National Assembly Mohammad Sanni Omolori and the other to the senior special assistant to the president on national assembly matters Ita Enang.

The two reports were also signed by the same official Folashade Bello on behalf of the director of the SSS, Lawal Daura. The two Documents were sent to the president of the Senate Bukola Saraki.

The senators who requested not to be named disclosed that the two letters contain almost the same allegations against Magu, one of the senators said ” But they are different in the recommendations made”.

While the reports addressed to Ita Enang was dated August 25, 2016, the one to the acting clerk was dated September 21, 2016, but both were signed by the same Folashade Bello on behalf of the DSS boss Lawal Daura. Another senator disclosed that in the letter to Mr.Enang, the SSS stated that although they found some adverse things about Magu, he should be cleared given his excellent performance. They said he should be given a chance to run the commission.

However, the senator said the same SSS in the report addressed to the acting clerk about a month later asked the senate not to confirm Mr. Magu. In this second report which asked for Magu not to be confirmed, the SSS among other Allegations accused Mr.Magu of Benefitting from proceeds of fraud from an individual that the SSS is prosecuting. The agency alleged that a suspect Umar Mohammed, who was a member of the presidential panel on arms procurement, paid the rent and furnished Mr. Magu’s Official residence in the Maitama district of Abuja. It also claimed Magu used Mr. Mohammed’s Private Jets for trips Outside Abuja. This Air commodore funding Magu’s lifestyle was actually a known Buhari’s ally so he was most probably used as bait to put Magu into a problem and have him in control

Air commodore Umar Mohammad

The President directed the attorney general of the Federation Abubakar Malami to investigate Allegations of corruptions against Mr.Magu and other Officials of his administration accused of corruption, Magu’s leg loosely tied with the rope of these allegations since 2016 only for Buhari to be ready to pull it and watch him fall, also waiting for him to commit heavier sins

Watch out for How Tinubu Tried to Destroy Saraki with Magu and Bukola defended, how Tinubu and Buhari got into a cold power tussle while Bukola Saraki became the scapegoat, Magu falling into more Buhari’s traps, the role of Ajimobi’s death in exposing Tinubu to Attacks and how Buhari is gradually turning the Supreme leader, all in the Next part coming 8pm tonight .




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