History of Ibadan Part 16 : Wars during Oluyole's reign (The first Ijaye War with Kurunmi)

History of Ibadan part 18 : Tyrannical Rule of Iba Oluyole

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History of Ibadan part 18: Tyrannical Rule of Iba Oluyole

At a time, Ijebu Remo asked for Oluyole's helping hand in war and he went to help them, before his return, his Balogun/Army commander who is Balogun Aleshunloye conspired against him. He took the rest of the Soldiers with him and appointed them to the Ijebu birder with the order that they shouldn't allow Oluyole to enter the town anymore.
History of Ibadan part 18 : Tyrannical Rule of Iba Oluyole

The Tyrannical rule of Iba Oluyole cant be overlooked because it is a brutal one. After the Eleduwe War (Ogun Eleduwe) and Oluyole have become a Basorun, The wicked behavior and habits of his children increased and they grew wings to do whatever they want in the town, good or bad. These behaviors are what made his chiefs bring up a Crisis against him.

We can’t move on without talking about the Bad behaviors, menace and mayhem his children were causing then. The wickedness of Oluyole’s family can be likened to that of Basorun Gaa’s family who is a forefather to Oluyole. Ibadan being an Occupied by warriors, tough Violent people, is the reason why the people were not feeling it so much Like that of Oyo which is a peaceful Town.

During the time of Oluyole, nobody must wear Fila Aran (Velvet Cap), use good or wear expensive dresses except his family members alone. Fighting for the wrong reasons is found mainly in the hands of his children, no day has ever gone without his children and family members hacking or injuring someone in the midst of the Oja oba market. whomever they hurt or injure doesn’t matter if he or she dies or lives, who is even going to bring up the questioning.

They disrupt and disperse people from the market severally so they can steal the belongings of market traders.

Whenever Basorun Oluyole is ready to sell his Okra he harvests from his farm every year, they will take it to the middle of the market. They do this mostly in the night when the market is filled with people.

Whomever Price Oluyole’s Okra must buy it and can’t negotiate once he stopped to ask for the price.

The same thing applies to whenever he wants to sell his yam. They will take the yams to everyone selling Pounded yam in Ibadan and sell it to them by force. Whoever buys at will or by force the yam of Oluyole Must pay any amount Oluyole has stipulated. There are so many other bad habits, behaviors, mayhem, and menace Oluyole caused while he was ruling Ibadan.

When he has gotten used to this way, comfortable and indiscriminate with his dealings in all these bad behaviors, the chiefs started protesting indirectly. Oluyole sent the grieving chiefs to war with the hope that they will die at war but they came back victorious.

When the chiefs were coming back from war, they stopped at the city walls, they refused to enter. They sent a message to Iba to get ready to fight them, Oluyole stood up and went to meet them with the soldiers he has at his disposal at that point for the fight but when Oluyole realized he wouldn’t win the fight, he surrendered and Apologized to them that he will never do such thing again and he will stop all his misbehavior and bad conducts in the town.

With his gimmicks and wisdom, he killed each and every one of them by forming an alliance with one to bring down. The tyrannical rule of Iba Oluyole also brought him his doom.


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Reference: History of Yorubas by reference Samuel Johnson, Iwe Itan Ibadan by Oba I.B Akinyele, K.T (The King Olubadan of Ibadan between the year 1955 to 1964)

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