The Buhari 1983 coup Part 1 : Ousting of Shagari and Announcement of a New Military Government

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The Buhari’s 1983 Coup d’état: Ousting of Shagari and Announcement of New a Military Government

Alhaji Shehu Usman Aliyu Shagari became the president in 1979 after being elected as the first democratically elected president of Nigeria before his tenure was cut short by a military revolution by a group of soldiers. This will lead us to the story of The Buhari 1983 coup: Ousting of Shagari and Announcement of New Military Government

Nigerians Awoke on the morning of December 31, 1983, to be aware that the second republic of their dear country has been replaced overnight by a new federal military government, the fourth since independence. Initially, the coup appeared to be confined to the Capital city.

Brigadier Sanni Abacha, delivering the 8:30 am announcement on Lagos Radio, proclaimed the military’s mission as discharging its ”national role as promoter and Protector of National Interest” in doing away with an ”inept and corrupt leadership” that had precipitated the ”grave economic predicament of the past four years

Meanwhile, in most states of the federation, the military was either very muted or apparently nonexistent. Few roadblocks, maneuvers, or struggles were evident, and there was virtually no Violence. Many state Radio Stations Continued regular Programming without as much as a mention of the coup de tat. The day progressed, However, the course of events became more evident. Two afternoon broadcasts announced that all service chiefs have Voluntarily retired, This was followed by the speculation about a new ”majors’ coup” parallel to that of January 1966 (The Nzeogwu coup) and requested the brigade commanders to take charge of their state governments pending the appointments of the military Governors.

Abacha and Buhari

Announcement of the New Head of State

At 10:30 pm, Brigadier Abacha announced that on Lagos television that the new head of state would be Major General Muhammad Buhari, GOC of the first mechanized division of the Nigerian Army stationed in  Kaduna. He former governor of Borno state under Murtala Muhammed, former chairman of NNPC from 1976-1978 under Olusegun Obasanjonas the president, Assigned to the 1st Division under the command of Lt. Col Mohammed Shuwa during Civil War and one of the Top soldiers who had decided to remain in service after recivilianization in 1979. That was how the Buhari 1983 coup, Ousting of Shagari and Announcement of a New Military Government.

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