History of Ibadan Part 2 : How Lagelu founded Ibadan the first time

History of Ibadan Part 15 : Overview of Basorun Oluyole’s Life History

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History of Ibadan Part 15: Overview of Basorun Oluyole’s Life History

Basorun Oluyole was one of the people who entered Ibadan with hooliganism and thuggery which was also what Ibadan has been known for since inception. Almost every notable people in Ibadan found themselves in Ibadan doing banditry, war, violence terrorism, or any other sort of thing.

Oluyole didn’t come with Maye from Ife to Ibadan while Maye and his people were fighting wars and they got to chase the Egbas away fro  Ibadan, but he met them while they were fighting the war and he joined them.

Ibadan has been founded before Oluyole arrived and Oluyedun was the ruler and leader of Ibadan when Oluyole came and Oluyedun was the one who gave him land to build his house, that house Oluyole built then is what we call Ile Iba till today,

Oluyole has always been a wealthy and influential man even before he entered Ibadan, his father is from the family of Basorun of the Oyo empire and his mother was the daughter of Alaafin Abiodun. So he used the Oyo influence and wisdom to suppress all the people beneath him and get them to submit to him.

During the time of Oluyole, he was able to tactically defeat all his enemies and crushed the people who can antagonize him totally, he became the head of the town and was bestowed with the Basorun title.

Here is the list of the Palace Chiefs during Oluyole’s rule.

Names                                    ||      TITLE

1. Elepo (Mogaji Adelakun)    || Otun Balogun

2. Bankole Alesinloye             || Balogun (for Aleshinloye area of Ibadan)

3. Oderinlo                             || Balogun for Oluyole (Major Balogun

4. Lajumoke                            || Otun Balogun

5. Ogundiwin                          || No title but influential

6. Opeagbe                             || Sarumi (Became the Baale of Opeagbe after the death of Oluyole)

7. Oyesile                                || Abese Balogun (became the Baale of Ibadan after the death of Oluyole)

8. Dele                                    || Oje

9. Olufajo                                || No title but Influential

Here are the names of Brave and notable Oluyole’s biological children.

Pelu Seegi, Tela Arigbajo, Laruntan Alias Akanmu ina Kii jo Igbe, a-ninla-mo-le, Opeide Arigbede, Ojo wa-wa-nmsi, Aregbeomo, Moteji

Here are also some other notable ones Babalola Obaba Baale Fijabi, Ogidi, Akinluyi, Lajubu, Olubodun, Jenriyin, Onibudo, Ibikunle, Ojo Kure , Eleepo Atipo, Eepo-ko Joorun-pa igi

All these names mentioned might not sound familiar but the people very familiar with them or know their family members in Ibadan today will know and be very familiar with them



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