You are on a break in your relationship, can you have sex with someone else? Can you tell him?

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You are on a break in your relationship, Can you have sex with someone else? Can you tell him?

When a break of a relationship is over, the most inevitable question between couples is ; did you see (sleep) anyone while we are on break?

Most probably the man is going to open up and the woman will be okay because they both are on break except their has been a special and mutual agreement between them

Guess what would happen when the woman open up, 85 percent of the time it is gonna hurt him then he starts questioning her loyalty and integrity

A lot of men usually claim to be logical and yes they are logical but that’s when their Ego is in check but when their Ego gets out of hand, they lose control. In this case the woman is more rational because they are on a break and he is not suppose to judge her for anything that happens during those times but the case is gonna be the other way round

So here is the solution

You can have sex when you are on your break in a relationship but you shouldn’t tell him

If you tell him, he is going to judge you

If you take such case to court ,you will have point but relationship is not a logical terrain

You have to choose if you either want to be happy or you want to be Right

It doesn’t mean you are a fool but you are in a relationship to be happy not to be right

So when things like this happens, Don’t tell him

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