Type of Men in the dating scene (for the girls). There is one you should Run away from

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Type of Men in the dating scene (for the girls

There are several types of men’s and women and today I will be telling about the types of men you will meet in the dating world.

There are four types of men in the dating world namely ;

1. Bad boy

2. Player

3 Manipulator

4. Good Guy

So what are they all about so let’s start with this

Bad Boy

Who is a bad boy?. A man boy has amazing self control when it comes to opposite sex and has a big ego that he manages which inturn yield him a lot of respect from women. Women love bad boys.

Bad boys are most of the times goal getter and knows what he want in life

Bad boys are the ones we can call alpha male and women tend to be the one to come back to them after separation


A player is half way being a manipulator and a bad boy. He is only interested in having sex with as many women as he wants.

Most women know this when they are approached by a player but there is something oozing confidence and naughtiness about him that makes women want to have something to do with him

A player is so smart that he wouldn’t profess love where he just want to have sex, but when a player gets keen about sleeping with a particular women then he starts getting manipulative ,when that happens then thats not a true player, a true player knows where to draw the line

As well, women also love the game of winning a player to themselves from all other women going crazy over him


Who are the manipulators?

A man manipulator is the man who want to sleep with a woman, doesn’t want anything serious, not a relationship, but wants attention without him returning it..

Here is a better description, he is a low self esteem man who feel less of himself and need to plug women around his life so that he can feel like something or someone important, he feels worthless without these attentions.

When a manipulator breaks up with a woman, after some times (3 months for example) he will the one to call the women especially when she has probably moved on or moving on, he will make effort to distract her.

In comparison to the bad boys, the woman most times are the ones going to be the one to call him while setting their pride (I shouldn’t be calling him feeling) aside

Being a manipulator has no age barrier, there are 50, 60 years old men who are manipulators, old men and women who are manipulators.

There are husbands who are manipulators and are very manipulative in their marriages. They put on hold their wife’s lives, just to feel validated, I detest manipulators because of the mind games they play.

Good Guy

These are the guys that their wives or girlfriends complain of them not getting angry, these are cases where you hear “my man is too gentle”, ” I needs someone that can handle me”, even in sex, a good guy is more obedient than adventurous. He is just a nice guy, a nice husband.

The people who value good guys are retired slay queens and party girls who know what is going on outside but have decided to settle down with a shy quiet guy and set their lives straught.

Good girls who never really had a taste of bad boys don’t get really satisfied with good guys.

Advice to women ;

1. Its not your fault if you have fallen for a manipulator, I think you know better now and can make better decisions

2. If you have fallen for bad boys and Players, that is your own problem

So thats all, I hope you enjoy it

Credits ;

1. The writer (myself) : Raji jamiu lubuola

2. @Skukipeeshaun (relationship expert)

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