Dating Coaching : Should you tell your new man about your past?

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Dating Coaching : Should you tell your new man about your past?

Before I start with this, let me quickly drop this Lamba

“Men Want to Hear the Truth But They Can Not Handle it” So

Should you tell your new man about your past?

The answer is NO!

In a New relationship, men have the habit of hammering their girl with questions like ; tell me about your past, its where we are going that matters not where we have been, Look, its a lie, men actually want to hear the truth but the fact is they cannot handle the truth.

So if you have some freaky freaky record in your past, or some dirty relationship or sexual escapades in your past, you have to keep your mouth shut about them orelse he will start doubting and using it against you.

If you tell him about how you cheat on an ex, he will start thinking you can and will cheat on him too

How do you do this or carry this out?

Therefore paint a cute picture of who you want to be not a grand image of who you use to be

Draw his focus on the new you, the woman you are becoming..

The exceptions

There are about 5% of men who actually likes to hear the truth Bd cab handle it, handle them the same way but you ambiguous dealing with this type of men

Example : if he asked ; have you ever cheated in a relationship before

If you have

You respond ; I can’t really say I cheated, because there are some cracks in the relationship, and with the conditions of things I can’t call it cheating and then you diffuse the question away but if the hammering gets too much, you can let the cat out of the bag and let him do whatever he wants with the information

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