BIAFRA PART 21 : This Was How Many Biafran Soldiers are When They Defeated The Nigerian soldiers in the first session of the war

BIAFRA WAR PART 16 : Steps taken by Ojukwu Putting together the Biafra Constitution

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BIAFRA WAR PART 16 : Steps taken by Ojukwu Putting together the Biafra Constitution

Things you didn’t know about the Government of the Republic of Biafra

1. The Republic of Biafra was believed by its citizens to be ” a state I which the supreme power rests in the body of the citizens entitled to vote and its exercised by representatives chosen directly or indirectly by the.

2. The leaders of Biafra were trying to convince their people that they would be free of persecutions of all kinds in Biafra.

3. Ojukwu formed a ministry of information and appointed a cabinet to take charge of it in which he appointed Chinua Achebe as head of the cabinet.

4. He insinuated the aforementioned cabinet to come up with a guide of moral, political and social justice that would later be transformed into the Biafran constitution.

5. Added to the responsibility of the Ministry of Information was not come up with Philosophical and psychological information on how they are going to win the war, begin the creation of the new nation, what Biafra should look like, what would be the relationship of Biafra to other African countries, the kind of education needed by the general populace to aid Biafra development and how Biafra would attain its lofty goals. Chinua Achebe was appointed as the chairman of the committee

6. The next Cabinet set up to head the ministry of Information were called National Guidance committee

7. Ojukwu told Chinua Achebe he wanted a new committee to report directly to him outside the control of the cabinet.

8. At this time, Ojukwu was hiding in Ahiara, a city in Mbaise which is now located in Imo state Nigeria, he started hiding there after retreating from the Umuahia and Owerri Invasions. His personal residence in Umuahia and Owerri is called Ojukwu Bunkers  and they were bombed by the Nigerian Army.

9. On June 1, 1969, very close to the end of the war, Ojukwu finally delivered this major speech, the Ahiara Declaration. It was an attempt to capture the meaning of the struggle for Biafran sovereignty. He provided a historical overview of the events that had led to the secession from Nigeria and the founding of the Republic of Biafra.

10. The Ahiara declaration speech was notable for its concentration on a number of issues that Biafra stood for—such as the rights to liberty, safety, excellence, and self-determination—as it was for the things the republic was against: genocide, racism, imperialism, and ethnic hatred, which were squarely condemned

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