BIAFRA PART 21 : This Was How Many Biafran Soldiers are When They Defeated The Nigerian soldiers in the first session of the war

BIAFRA WAR PART 15 : How the Nigerian Army recaptured Umuahia from Biafran Soldiers

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How the Nigerian Army recaptured Umuahia from Biafran Soldiers

After Mohammed Shuwa’s First Division has overran Abakaliki and Afikpo. Umuahia became the only major Urban area in the possession of Biafrans that the Nigerian Soldiers are yet to overtake.

Gowon Rapidly increased the size of his army to well over 250,000 men and women. This final offensive was directed towards the three fronts that surrounded the  Biafrans, was supposed to end the war swiftly, in three months.

As he advanced for what he thought was going to claim Biafran surrender in September 1968, he was met by fierce Biafran resistance sniper fire and guerilla warfare. several unanticipated events coalesced to form a perfect storm that bought the Biafran Army much needed time to regroup, repair the much damaged Uli airstrip and develop a defensive strategy. The antiwar sentiment worldwide was reaching a peak.

Bombarded constantly with war imagery through their television sets and newspapers, particularly pictures of babies and women perishing and starving, several individuals and international human rights agencies started mounting demonstrations in world capitals London, Washington, Lisbon against the war.

Dr. Martin Luther King jr., long a champion of justice, had to suddenly cancel his planned trip to Nigeria over fears for his safety. Joan Baez and Jimi Hendrix were some of the famous musicians who took part in a Biafran relief concert in manhattan on August 29, 1968.

Other British and American Artists led peaceful protests of American public attention to the conflict. The newscasters in America were mesmerized by the story of a young college student Bruce Mayrock who set himself on fire to protest the killing of inn0cent Biafran babies.”

Mayrock, Sadly, later died in the hospital from his wounds. it was reported that he wanted to draw the attention to the media, delegates in session at the United Nations, and United States Government Officials to what he believed was genocide in Biafra. Henry Kissinger, now under heavy pressure from the civil society groups, found himself encouraging the Nixon administration to rethink their policy on the Nigeria-Biafra conflict


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