History of Ibadan Part 2 : How Lagelu founded Ibadan the first time

HISTORY OF IBADAN Part 7 :How Olowu Used Olubadan’s Daughter for Ritual

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HISTORY OF IBADAN Part 7 : How Olowu Used Olubadan’s Daughter for Ritual

The Olubadan (King of Ibadan) who was on the throne this time around have only one child (girlchild/daughter) whom she betrothed to Olowu just to cement their friendship.

One day Olowu went to wage war on a town, On his way, he got to Odo Oba just as they use to do then, h worshipped this river known as Odo oba and made a vow with the river that if he is able to defeat his target kingdom and return victorious, he will give the river something.

Olowu(King of Owu) proceeded to war and fought victoriously, came with a lot of loot, while on his way home with his people, he got to Odo Oba just as he has promised, he fulfilled his promise to the the river (god of the river) with seven sheep and seven goats then river started rising immediately above the normal sea level, it rised so fast and high to the extent that they couldn’t couldn’t cross to the other side to continue their way home.

When Olowu see this, he thought what he has given the river wasn’t enough, so he went ahead to give double of what he has sacrificed already but instead, the river continued to rise more aggressively, they settled for a while waiting for the water level to decrease, they sat there for several days.

After several days his chiefs and warriors who followed him to war started getting angry, they went to him and told him, you promised the river something, give the river what it wants so that we can have our way, we are tired of being in this bush.

Olowu responded saying come on, you could see how I have sacrificed 21 goats and 21 sheeps to the river, whatelse do you want me to do, if you know of any other thing i can do, tell me and i will do it.

Olowu didnt know that his wife who is the only child of Olubadan was what they are talking about, they told him the river doesn’t want goat nor sheep, the river wanmts what is sitting by your side? or isn’t a woman something? (in their terms) give it to the river and let us go don’t let us die of hunger here.

Olowu was so disturbed, but when he see that his people arent happy, and they were protesting against his inaction and they might gang up to kill him and eventually throw his wife in the river if he refused, he carried his wife (Olubadan’s only daughter) and n dropped her into the Odo Oba river, the full river started reducing, and within an half hour, the water level went so low that they could walk in it easily and comfortably.

They Crossed the road safely and continue their Journey home, The news of the incident at Odo Oba traveled so fast and it got to Olubadan even before Olowu could get home that Olowu has killed her daughter as sacrifice to Odo Oba.

What do you think olubadan would do about this??

What out in the next episode

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