History of Ibadan Part 2 : How Lagelu founded Ibadan the first time

HISTORY OF IBADAN Part 8 :How Olubadan retaliated the murder of his child’s death by Olowu

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HISTORY OF IBADAN Part 8: How Olubadan retaliated the murder of his child’s death by Olowu

Olubadan on hearing this sent a messenger to deliver his welcome regards to Olowu, asked the messenger to greet him very well on his behalf and congratulate him for his victory, he asked the messenger to tell his daughter welcome as well, Olowu manipulated the scenario to downplay the tension, the messenger went back to Olubadan with a good but ambiguous response.

Olowu decided not to confess nor reveal what happened to anyone apart from the people who sighted the incident,he thought Olubadn wasn’t aware of the incident, but after few days, the news was all over the place, the cat was let out of the bag and everyone is aware of what happened.

Olubadan was so sad over this, and after he has seen that he doesn’t have the strength to fight Olowu because Owu has a big population and there a big army of soldiers, he related what Olowu did to all other around them like Alako, Agura, Ooni Ile wife, Awujale and some other kings as well, when all of them heard what happened, they got so angry and they all stood for war against Olowu in support of Olubadan, Waging war on Owu the second time.

This time as well, the Fulanis are disturbing the Oyo empire and some other Yoruba lands with their religion conquest missions, so for this reason, the people of Oyo and other Yoruba towns that Fulani has destroyed as they were running down south met the people Ijebus, Ifes and Egbas where’s they were fighting Owu, they join them and gave them helping hands.

They all went hard on Owu, got it desolated and deserted. They didn’t stop at destroying Owu alone, they went ahead to take other small towns under the Owu kingdom like Ika, Ikeye Erunmu, Ojo , Oje, Ofa down. The war was so heated that they didn’t stop after bringing Owu to its knees, they destroyed some part of Egba land too and part of Ibadan as well, They weren’t fighting Ibadan but they destroyed part of it while fighting Owu, the destruction and desertification was so much that some Ibadan people left for Egba land and they never returned.

After all the tension has gone down, these people founded another Ibadan (for the third time), which is the new Ibadan we live in today, these Ife, Ijebu and Oyo people who returned to reestablish Ibadan the third time were the ones who became Ibadan leaders and elites since then till today

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