7 Online Side Hustles That Can Make You 150,000naira in a month

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7 Online Side Hustles That Can Make You 150,000naira in a

After I have listed all the side hustles that can make you 150,000 naira in a month, here is a brief description and explanation about each and every one of them you can do online

1. Ecommerce: Simply means commercial transaction conducted electronically on the internet, To do this properly in this day and age, you would need the technical know-how to handle and manage a website where you sell your products. You might also need more money to acquire the product sell and also run advertisements but it is an easy way to make money, requires money but NOT MUCH. It is simply about placing your products online, run the ads and receive an alert even while eating your food. Watch out for a comprehensive article on How to do Ecommerce successfully.

2. Adsense: Adsense is an advertising program by google and you can make a lot of money from it just by writing articles about anything you know can add value to readers. It simply requires you to write a lot of articles before you can make a decent amount of money as well as you need to know how to update the blog you use/manage your website which you blog ln. You can hire someone to do that fr you by the way. Watch out for a full article about blogging.

3. Software and Coding: This requires a kind of definite and a chunk of knowledge to get started wit, but if you have this knowledge or you are able to have this knowledge, it is a goldmine. It is majorly about building digital things like coding a website, building a software or mobile app and so on and so forth. There have been a lot of Africans who were able to make multiple millions or billions of dollars after building something useful and unique over months or years. If you are a regular Nigerian, you will be advised to go the freelance way and not wait years except you have the funds to go on the journey.

4. Social media management: Every business now leverages the internet with the use of social media in putting their business and services in front of prospective customers. The result they need requires them to post and update their business pages regularly as well as being active generally, Most businesses and organizations cant do this on their own therefore need to to bring someone on board to do it for them, This is where you come in as you know how to use social media very well, do it for them and you get paid, it is something you can do from the corner of your room and make the money there as well.

5. Affiliate Marketing: This is simply being an internet middleman between sellers of a product or service and prospective buyers. This is by placing the affiliate links provided for you on a webpage where your audience is going to see it. It might be sent to the people on your email list or placed on your social media bio. You earn a certain percentage as a commission for every sale made, the percentage commission which would have been agreed upon with your partner at the beginning of the business. Watch out for a comprehensive article about Affiliate marketing.

6. Dropshipping: Dropshipping is a retail type of business where you don’t stock, store or keep the products that you are selling. o you sell the product by purchasing the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer. At times you don’t even see nor touch the product. This is better and easily Done online

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