How to Make Hand Sanitizers from home

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How to Make Hand Sanitizers from home

This is a strange time in global health, and the number one way to combat coronavirus is through cleanliness and the most prescribed way is washing of hands regularly, but because soap and water aren’t mobile, hand sanitizers are next rated  after soap and water and it is easier to use

Processes of making Hand Sanitizers

Contents :

1. Isopropyl alcohol (You can use spirit as it contains (98-99 isopropyl)

2. Aloe Vera Plant

3.  Perfume

Process of making it :

1. Add 70 percent of Isopropyl Alcohol to 70 percent of aloe vera plant, the best way is to peel the epicarp of the aloe vera plant and scrape out the pulpy inner mesocarp or content, mix it thoroughly at the right proportion

2. Get the right and clean container, it is preferable to smear a little amount isopropyl alcohol on the container

3. Add any type of perfume before you pour your resulting solution of sanitizer into it your cleaned and disinfected container

If you cant get isopropyl, you can use methylated spirit, they contain 98-99 percent alcohol

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