History of Ibadan Part 2 : How Lagelu founded Ibadan the first time

History of Ibadan Part 4 : Conducts of Lagelu and His Relatives in The Forest

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History of Ibadan Part 4 : Conducts of Lagelu and His Relatives in The Forest

Lagelu’s children and relatives being warriors and violent type, continued the usual behaviour they have already been known for, they were so isolated from all other settlements around them and never mingle nor mix with them but they were so determined about preventing the destruction of Ibadan which happened out of conspiracy of the neighbouring towns.

So to achieve their vengeance goal, when it gets dark they would go into any neighbouring town they can lay their hands on, burn it down and kill as many as they can, after doing this, they would run back to their usual base in the forest and for this reason, none of the victimized villages knows who was behind the calamities befalling them. During one of their terrorist actions, one of Lagelu’s daughter got hold of the crown of a king of one of the towns they went to attack, in the morning he showed the crown to his father and afterwards, she tore the crown apart and since then they started calling her ”Yade” which means the one who tore crown apart.

After sometimes hunger hits Lagelu and his children so hard and they started wandering around the forest, soon they found themselves on top of a hill where there are a lot of African wild mango trees known as ”Oro” in Yoruba then they settle here as there is a population of snail in abundance on this same hilltop, they built a house there and made it their new home. They love on this wild mango and snail for a long time and after a while, they started planting corn and others and making pap, they were using the snail shells as a cup for drinking and consuming their Pap. This was why Ibadan people are being eulogized as

”Ibadan omo ajoro sun
Omo a je gbin yo
Omo a fikarahun fori mu’

They stayed so long on this hill and they stopped fighting wars but they still carry out their terrorist operations once in a while.

After a couple of years that Lagelu couldn’t find spouses for his children and they started getting fed up of each other and Lagelu permitted them to be getting married to each other and they started having offsprings and were multiplying.

After some years, the kings of the surroundings couldn’t endure the nuisance of Lagelu’s children anymore, therefore they made in-laws with him by betrothing each other’s children to each other, by doing this, there was peace and Lagelu’s family number kept on increasing such before he died his children were more up to 200.

By this time there was peace between Lagelu’s family and all other towns living around them, the hill they lived was really so comfortable and suits them so much, that was the end of the first Ibadan

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