History of Ibadan Part 2 : How Lagelu founded Ibadan the first time

How Egungun Destroyed Ibadan the first time: History of Ibadan Part 3

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What Destroyed Ibadan the First Time

During the celebration of an Egungun festival, all Ibadan indigenes and residents staying abroad were home and the town was so full, everywhere is rosy and they are all happy, other smaller towns are paying homages and visitations, masquerades are dancing, the people are eating and drinking.

One afternoon, During the moment of the Egungun festival, A masquerade got his identity exposed after his regalia shoved aside while dancing. it was in an open place, women and children are there and they got to know that it was a human being that is inside the masquerade regalia and not a spirit(Ara Orun). In few days, the news got to Sango in Oyo and he sent a message to all other Obas of Yoruba land (Olowu, Awujale, Alake, Owa Ilesa, Orangun) to a meeting as all of them feared him a lot and they respect him, he let them know that the people of Ibadan and Exposed the secret of the deities(won ba awo je) and they should all gather to wipe out the people of Ibadan.

During this time, Lagelu has become old and he is weaker physically but the mind of a warrior never left him, After Alaafin has gathered his warriors along with other kings of Yoruba land, they unleashed their wraths on the people of Ibadan. Lagelu got to know about this and wasn’t afraid, he instead called his people and let them know it is a world war this time and they should stand firm because they will prevail if they fight with all their minds. This war lasted for 3 years, the people of Ibadan did so well and fought so hard, they prevented their enemies from gaining so much entry and defeat over them but after 3 years, the town got destroyed, it was a genocide, the men were killed, neither the women nor the children were spared, everyone in Ibadan got perished and the thus established the fact that Egungun was the reason for the destruction of Ibadan the first time. Lagelu escaped into the forest with some of his kids that were left alive to hide themselves till the war is over. That was how Ibadan was destroyed and dispersed the first time and the people who escaped weren’t more than 15 and these people that were able to make it alive were all Lagelu’s children and relatives who was the founder of the town in the first place.

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