BIAFRA WAR PART 1 : The Root Cause of The Nigerian Civil War, Also Known as The 1996 Coup

BIAFRA WAR PART 13 : Biafra Soldiers Suffers More Defeat

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BIAFRA WAR PART 13: Biafra Soldiers Suffers More Defeat

After Gowon has restrategized and repositioned his best men in the army, Mohammed Shuwa’s first Army Division ,advancing with Theophilus Danjuma, quickly overran the University town of Nsukka, and then relentlessly bombarded Biafra’s capital with heavy armaments. The military operation was aided by Egyptian mercenary pilots flying the Nigerian army’s brand new British, Czech L-29 Delphin, and Soviet MiG- 17 and beagle II-28 Aircraft. Most of us in the civilian population had fled with family members into the hinterlands ahead of the advancing Nigerian troops. By the second week of October 1967, overwhelmed by the Nigerian military pounding, the Biafran central Government also receded southward to Umuahia where a new capital was set up.

By now the world had started taking notice, and a number of international Organizations were visiting Nigeria to try to broker peace between the two warring parties. One of the first to intervene was the Organization of African Unity (OAU), Which was appointed Ghanaian lieutenant general Joseph Arthur Ankrah their emissary to Biafra. Ankrah had some experience with the conflict, having hosted the Aburi meeting in January. Many Biafrans had mixed feelings about the OAU’s choice, as Ankrah, widely regarded as “a Cold war pawn” was the man responsible for deposing one of the heroes of the African liberation struggle Kwame Nkrumah. It was a little surprise to those of us in Biafra, therefore to discover that his guidance the OAU supported a unified Nigeria stance Biafra’s protest

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