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There is this popular saying of don’t trust anyone, it is actually not true because every day of our lives we trust each other either both on the big things and the small things

What does Trust mean

Practically, Trust simply means knowledge of what the other person, party or group can do and will do

Let’s assume you went to MC Donald or Chicken republic to get some food and you gave money to the chef over the counter, if you cant get your food in few minutes after then, you would probably ask but wouldn’t be worried or start getting terrified of being ripped off your money because you know he or she wouldn’t do such. What assures you she wouldn’t do such? because she wouldn’t wanna lose her job for the consequences of cheating you of your money.

Another Example is crossing the road when the car is about 20 feet away, that pretty close for a moving car but the driver of the car will still do everything he can to stop the car because if he modes you, he will wind up in jail and get into a whole lot of troubles which is not worth it, In this case, the car stops al the time. In a third world country like Nigeria , the car will maintain the same speed and won’t stop because he knows that the possibility of him going to jail is less, nobody will be ready to bear a witness in favor of a strange pedestrian been hit by a car and above it aka, No CCTV camera is watching and he knows that you know about all these factors and you ( the pedestrian) will either look carefully before you cross or you speed on or off just to prevent yourself from being hit by a mad driver. Now you see why the Nigerian Driver wouldn’t stop? because he knows you will run for your life because no one will protect you, HE trusts YOU.

People trust each other base on their motivations, and it can psychologically be defined as the ability to anticipate what people can do while you use that in making them di what you want them to do. You cant want a girl who will be faithful to you bond with you emotionally and a woman you can trust for not cheating then you go for a lady who has already shown and told you that all she wants out of life is to have a good time, Trusting such girl is gonna be stupid because you want someone who is gonna be loyal and she won’t, on the other hand, a woman who decided to have a home, kids and so on isn’t gonna cheat on you because it is going to destroy what satisfies her personal interest which is having a family

Why you shouldn’t trust people based on their words but actions

There are times that people say a different thing while they act differently, then you shouldn’t follow their words but their actions, People’s action tells you more about them, not their words. That’s why you find a man or woman who cheats on his or her partner but end up saying she will never do such again but she has breached that statement severally by going back to the things he vowed not to do again severally, then you should know her actions should be paid attention to not her words. This also applies in business as well and in every other aspect of life. Know people’s motivations by observing their actions not listening to their words.

Be specific with your motivations and make sure you know what excites and motivate others specifically

Trust people based on their objective feeling, not their subjective feeling. If you want to run a business along with someone as in a business partnership, You have to trust them not just by knowing that they are also interested in the business, they are interested in the business? that’s subjective you know. But by knowing why they are doing it which might be for money, for passion, for gaining some social influence, for power for whatever. You have to know whatever they want specifically or else you will be betrayed.

For example, you are with a woman who said what she wanted is happiness in a relationship and marriage, Happiness can mean different things to several types of people so you have to know specifically what her happiness is or are ted to. I hope I am making a clear point with this

In Conclusion, you have to know what makes people tick specifically and make your decision of trusting them on if their motivation tallies with yours or not, You can’t do without having people to trust and as well trusting people for the wrong reasons is a recipe for disaster as you only planning to get betrayed

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