The 11 Industries Most Likely to Make you a Billionaire

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 11 Industries Most Likely to Make you a Billionaire

There are several types of businesses around, but there are 11 types of business industries that can make you a billionaire that I am going to share with you in this post. These industries aren’t just pop up industries that come and go anytime like cryptocurrency and winning a lottery which can be by luck or the industry can crash anytime, they are industries that have proven themselves over the test of time and most probably the society cant do without most of them. They are not as lucrative as I have described because society can’t just do without them, some of them are lucrative because society/people want them so badly.

So here is the list of the industries :

1. Financial services:

This industry simply operates on a principle of ”if you want money, go where the money is ”, There is so much money to be made in providing financial services, This involves lending money, investing money, managing money and so on and so forth. The most popular example of this business is Banking, stocks, insurance and the likes. Anything that has to do with finances is lucrative, even I as a blogger a finance website or youtube channel is the highest-paid content type by any advertisement agency lol.

2. Technology:

The 11 Types of Businesses Most Likely to Make you a Billionaire
The 11 Types of Businesses Most Likely to Make you a Billionaire

I think less stress is needed to explain this to anyone, Jeff Bezos, larry page, Larry Ellison, Bill gate, Mark Zuckerberg and so on are great examples, out of top ten richest men in the world, 6 made their money from technology majorly. This is a great advantage to African young entrepreneurs and others outside Africa to come and tap the untapped economy because none of these technologies invented was made in Africa.

There have been several Africans who have invented a technology or two as well and they have made money worth billions of naira, the likes of mike adenuga tapped the Nigerian communication sector early even though he has been rich already. In a country like Nigeria pr any other Africa country, just choose a good business and use technology to disrupt it. what do you think about using drones to do delivery services? people like Jason njoku are the pioneers of their businesses with Akin Alabi simply adding technology to sport betting a type of business that has been existing for decades in Nigeria, Jason njoku was one of the first few people who started with uploading Nollywood videos on youtube with iroko tv channel and used the money to start DSTV channel majorly for Nollywood, ROK tv and this is arguably the most sophisticated Nollywood channel on tv cable.

3. Healthcare:

People would do anything they can, and even try the ones they can’t just to make sure they live longer and healthier, so if you can provide this to people, you will make a lot of money. Like having a hospital even though that might require some medical know-how and as well if you find some pharmaceutical companies with good products or services while you have an effective sales or distribution channel with their approval to sell at your desired price? then you have struck gold.

4. Real Estate and Construction:

The real estate industry is really lucrative everywhere in the world the population is increasing fast and people have a place to stay. As well there is a calamity or a kind of insane act by Africans by trying to seize back the land they have sold to you, so, for this reason, you can buy these lands and get all necessary documents for it from the government within a short period of time then you sell these bulk of land in pieces or retail to people and they will pay exorbitantly for it because they aren’t just buying allocations but they are buying peace

5. Education:

People need to know more and they want to know more because all I have been discussing or listing the technologies, the management, healthcare, construction, all can not be possible without the help of knowledge so that where I am in, I am here to educate you about history and life coaching on this website make sure you have dropped your email for notification.

6. Entertainment and recreation:

Entertainment and recreation are really wanted by people and as I talked about technologies, most of the wealthiest technological industry has relied on entertainment contents to keep their platform, I am talking about the ones in information and social media category. Entertainment as in music, movies, sports and so on are so much lucrative without leaving nightlife and recreational centers behind. YouTubers, Instagrammers, comedians, Kardashians have so much been milking from this industry not leaving tv cable and Netflix behind as well.

7. Transportation:

Almost all industry would paralyze without transportation wither for a sector of the industry or another, what do you think this 21st century would look like without aircraft/planes, ships, and others. In Africa some foreigners mostly Asians have come to Africa to create apps people use to order motorbikes as it is a serious solution to the traffic jam that people face a lot and also more faster without stopover like buses, let’s take a look at bolt, uber, Opay, and so on with their impacts and the profits they would have made. The same thing applies to e-commerce delivery when you shop online, I can tell you categorically that after GIGlogistics who are trying to be a bit good, no other transportation company or courier company deliver nationwide or even to ten states in Nigeria at least. If you can provide something like this, then you will do better, because even this GIG is only delivering to about 20 states so if you can do it by delivering nationwide, then you have it

8. Energy:

All countries in the world would do anything to achieve power, I mean the power to run technology, this doesn’t exclude united states of America as they still need more so if you can find a way of doing this, you can make trillions of naira and billions of dollars.

9. Lottery:

I should have put this under entertainment and recreation but it is not just entertainment to a lot of people, some people take it as a career. People can do without gambling or losing their money but they want to gamble anyway, so present what they want to them in a fair and legal manner and you rack in the millions of dollars and billions of naira

10. Food:

Food is something very lucrative, we need energy, we need transportation and we have to eat. but if you want to go into this, you have to be creative about it and not just me too thing

11. Sex and relationships:

YES, you don’t need a suitor or prophet to tell you sex sells, yes sex sells, this includes having fun places for couples, organizing romantic vacations for people, having a hotel (even though a hotel is not majorly for that ) this also includes having a porn website, that’s one of my first ideas ever, starting a porn website but eventually I am here for some other reasons as I may still do it later

These are all the 11 industries I have for you, so look into the list and see any of them that you have leverage that you can start, leverage makes business easier.

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