When a Woman Tries To Gaslight You/ Emotionally Blackmail You

When a Woman Tries To Gaslight You/ Emotionally Blackmail You

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When a Woman Tries To Gaslight You/ Emotionally Blackmail You

People at times confuse this with Emotional blackmail but it is not

What does it mean when we say a woman to gaslight you?

.. Does this ring a bell, suppose you are having a fight with your woman or argument about anything or whatever, for example, you tell her that she is terrible at parallel parking, then sooner or later, she responded to that statement by reversing it to you that, No, you are the one so awful at parallel parking, you get surprised, more often than not you are going to ask her how is that possible, then she start going on and on about some instances which might not fit into the case or even never happened but she will mold the story so much such that your mind starts telling you or making you believe you are awful at parallel parking like she said, which you are not but your mind starts convincing you that those instances she is citing as references or evidence existed, GBAM! that’s the trap, she has done this to make you feel bad for what you didn’t do or make you be the bad or incompetent one because she doesn’t want to accept a fact of incompetence or some incorrect moral actions that she has committed. Women are too good at this.
In short, convincing you to believe the opposite of what happens to be true

Do they Intentionally Do This?

The fact is that women have a way of telling lies in such a way that she will believe her lie and lose the guilt or conscience of the fact that the truth exists, and whatever she chooses to believe is what she will stand on and spread to others as the truth. If you show her a video of where the incident happened and it happens to be the opposite of what she was claiming as the truth, she is not going to agree with you. The reason for this is because women don’t believe in objective truth but subjective truth, and that’s a key feminine case to know, The truth is whatever feels like the truth to them,

How Do You Prevent This From Happening

When this happens, you tackle the fire with fire in this case. What to do is to gaslight her back and make her realize or believe that everyone around also knows that about her and you have to be the only one putting up with her. You might not understand this enough, here is what I am saying

Back to my example at the beginning of this post, let’s assume a woman or your woman tells you that you are terrible at parallel parking and people do see you as idiots when you do that, then you respond by telling she is terrible at something else that you know she is insecure about, maybe she is the type of girl who cares about her looks while she sleeps and always shit on or find the people who snore disgusting, You can respond her by saying she is terrible at snoring and drooling such that she DISTURBS OTHERS WITH HER NOISES then you also sight an example (whether true or not) that she drooled on someone’s body in the car while on your way from your camp and the girls in her camp complained about her lousy snoring habit but you have only been putting up with her.

Clone the story or accusation such that it makes her believe that no one on the surface of the earth can love or like her but you have only being enduring and managing her, that’s the atomic bomb because women care so much about what people say about them,  women care about their stand and position in the society or whichever group they belong, as well that’s why women fight each other when someone among their friends gossip a bad thing about them and it ends up becoming a big issue

Another Usefulness of this Action I Have Just Taught You?|

When you have someone who has a way of trying to make you feel bad every time or an ex you don’t want to talk to but keeps coming back to play on your emotion for a blink of an eye and then leaves, this thing is to tackle anyone who is deliberate or is deliberately trying to make you feel like you are not accepted by the public.

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