Life History of Sango

Life History of Sango

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Life History of Sango

Overview :

Sango is the Third king of the old Oyo empire, even though some historians (few) alleged that sango was the fourth, but from the Authentic research of the history of sango, it showed that sango is the third Alaafin to ever be coronated in the Oyo empire which was after the depose of his brother King Ajakaa, He was characterized by being a strong and fierce ruler and his regime or lifetime on the throne brought a lot of progress to the old Oyo empire. He is known to love music, dancing, has many wives, Justice and Equality. Sango has many wives but the three Notable ones are Queen Oya, Queen Osun, and Queen Oba and he is so much feared for the spiritual power of his ability to command thunder and lightening for a good course or for the destruction of anyone or anywhere he wants to destroy.

Most sources established the fact that sango’s rule only lasted 7 years and it ended after he pitched a tent of a fight within two of his warriors, the incident which backfired on him and that led to his demise which he was deified after as one of the gods in Yoruba land

During his rule his power extends throughout the old Oyo empire, Togo, Dahomey, the Benin and the old igodomigodo tribe which is now known in conjunction with Benin as Edo today.

How Sango Became the King

Sango is one of the children of Oranmiyan which was the first King of Oyo, Oranmiyan was followed by Ajakaa as the king of Oyo. Ajakaa was characterized with free and fair peaceful way rule which didn’t go down well with the Chiefs and political stakeholders in Oyo (Oyo Mesi and co) he was then impeached even though some other historians alleged that he was even sent into exile and sango his brother was crowned as the King of Oyo After he became the king, he was fierce as the ideal Alaafin that they have always wanted.

How Sango Caused Fight Between Sango and His Warriors

While sango was the Alaafin of Oyo, he had two war generals which are Timi Agbale Olofa ina and Gbonkaa. Timi agbale is known and popular of shooting arrows of fire and Gbonkaa is also a very powerful warrior as well. In Oyo tradition, its seen as threat if Warlords or commanders are living in the same vicinity with the King, Sango seeing them as threats ‘ he sent them Both out of the Oyo town to start securing the border towns, While Timi agbale left for Ede and Gbonka stayed back in Oyo town while this is more threat to the king. One of Sango’s wives named Queen Oya who also doubles as her favorite advised him to get rid of them both. He sent Gbonka to capture Timi Agbale.

Sango wasn’t satisfied with the outcome of the fight because he wanted Gbonka gone so much and faster than Timi agbale, So he Ordered for a rematch In Oyo which the outcome wasn’t favorable to Sango as well because Gbonka defeated Timi Agbale So he secretly ordered that Gbonka should be burnt alive so that Gbonka don’t find out that sango just want him dead but The Great Gbonka appeared after three days and gave Sango ultimatum to vacate the throne.

The Fall of Sango

Sango went to Oya to get his Sacred stone called Edun Ara he kept with but so surprised that she has stained it with menstrual blood which is a taboo and can spoil the powers of the Edun ara charm.

He left the palace to reactivate the potency of his thunderbolt but the thunder he created that day was said to have struck his palace and burnt it down to ashes..He decided to go on exile by leaving Oyo town but his chiefs and Baba mogbas(Sango’s royal cult) were begging and persuading him not to leave at a point, some of the chiefs went back and reported to the Town that the king has Hanged himself which was found out to be a lie but few baba mogba cult members knew the truth which was that he was attacked by Gbonka and for the fact that he was too frustrated and so unwilling to fight,he vanished into the thin air and he later appears in the sky with flaming fire to destroy and burn Gbonka and the people peddling rumor that he hanged himself.

This didn’t stop until his spirit was appeased, and the location where he defeated Gbonka is today called KOSO in Oyo

also and Sango himself referred to as OBAKOSO or OBAKOSO

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