What to Do When You Lose Your Job

What to Do When You Lose Your Job

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What to Do When You Lose Your Job

You just lost your job or let’s assume you lost your job, what would you do?

Losing one’s job is a terrible experience especially for men because we men usually derive most of our validation from our work or job. A big percentage like 95 percent of men feel like a lesser man when they lose their job.

When you lose your job you know that you will be having no more income except your cash reserve (your savings ), and this savings is what you will be living on till you get another salary, I mean another salary, not another job.  The first thing to deal with is the money situation

1. How to deal with money situation when you lose your job

i. Cut Off All Unnecessary Expenses

The first thing to do in this case of dealing with money situation is that you will CUT OFF ALL ALL UNNECESSARY EXPENSES.

Men have a way of justifying expenses that don’t matter when they have constant money flow, so at this point you have to reduce everything to the basics, if you have to spend money at all, it must not exceed two basic things/reasons which are (1.) Food  (2.) Shelter. In this case, if the truth is to be told, you can eat cheap and live in a cheap but comfortable shelter, actually eating healthily is cheap, so eat healthily.


ii. Sell Stuff

Look around yourself in your apartment and your mind for whatever you have that you can sell, Let’s start from the items in your house that you are not using, or you don’t use or you never used and you aren’t using them anytime soon, Sell the bomboclaat! at a good considerable price. Doing this will make you feel free as well, unne
cessary loads will weigh you down and the last thing you want is depression

That’s the first part, the second part is looking for some other things you can sell that are not physical, it might be some software you bought or access/license key of some important software, you can sell the access.

The last time I was in such shoes, I had a Facebook group with hundreds of thousands of members and I sold moderator slot to advertisers and bloggers who need traffic.

2. Taking Care of your mood

i. Restructure Your Life

The next step is restructuring your life, and how do you start this. The first step is that you should clean up your room and you will be surprised by all the dirt that has been hiding in your couch, the dirty plates, and other things, clean it up. The reason for this is to keep your mind sharp and make your brain and mind free as well, you might not understand that having all those dirt around can be slowing down your morale

Pick a pen and write out the activities that are not necessary to you at that stage you are in your life, chilling with UNNECESSARY FRIENDS, excessive clubbing and others. you still need to socialize and enjoy yourself but always try to make every action productive and hand around good friends that can add value to your life or help you in the current situation.

ii. Exercise

You have to be exercising regularly, exercise will keep your mind and body sharp and also keep you fit from falling sick as well. The last thing you want in this kind of situation and falling sick. and as well if you are a young man, your temper might increase at this time because you will have a lot of aggression to push out of your loss of confidence (your job, your source of income ), to avoid getting into troubles, stay fit and you will be able to be confident in yourself, and you won’t be getting into fights that you may not even win when you are unfit.

You don’t need to be going to the gym anymore, get some track shoes and run as well you can get some weights for a few bucks if you want. Keep Your Mind Sharp. Make your bed every morning

3. Start Looking For a New Job

This is the point where you have to shed off all your shells a reach out to everyone you know and tell them about your joblessness condition, don’t carry any sort of pride or ego in calling anyone you know to ask them to let you know if they have a job for you or they know of a job they can recommend for you or recommend you for. This is also another opportunity to get close (apart from the fact that you need a job) to some people that you suppose to be close to in your life but you have being conversationally or emotionally far apart because you have been working so hard.

if you have a specific profession, reach out to everyone in your field.

Don’t be too afraid to take a position above the position you were before, remember you have to make income, as far as you are good at your current level, you will catch up easily if you are placed in a position a bit above your level, qualification or skill. DONT SAY NO ANY OFFER.

Don’t be too arrogant to take positions below your previous one or the one you think you deserve, It’s smarter to step down for something low and dependable while you reach out for what you want or what you deserve..

4. Try Things Out On Your Own

What I mean by this is simply entrepreneurship. As you have known that you can’t start a business with no money but you can start entrepreneurship with no money( a different discussion though but all I am saying is that you should ”Try to Go Independent”, but don’t invest your money because at this point you can’t risk any loss of money as all you have is what will sustain you till you get the next Salary/paycheck. An example of this is information marketing, mainly selling your knowledge. let me throw some light on this

Sell Your knowledge

Look into yourself as well for the things you know how to do, teach people and get them to pay for it like a webinar, seminar or book. Never spend on an advertisement while doing this, do the manual sharing and networking, no paid ads bro, no Facebook sponsored post, except for little dimes that won’t affect you if it fails. DONT INVEST YOUR MONEY.

Other things you can do to make income

There are some things you can do, even though it is not an ideal job or business but as an African boy, they are things that can bring good income, (sustainable) if you are good at it. such as drop shipping without running ads, selling of offline products online, becoming a real estate agent and be a middleman, all you need is the confidence to walk into their office well dressed and partner with them with no cost, sell their lands to people and get commissions. There are several other things as well.

Conclusion: I think I have harmed you with enough you might need to carry on with the uncolorful times of losing one’s job or just in case you lose one lol..you saying God forbid? then plan well. Thanks for reading despite all my gbagans! but this is valuetainment.

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